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Five Ways To Celebrate Warhol on His 85th Birthday

We’re obviously big fans of Andy Warhol here at Christie’s, and we wanted to share some things you can do to celebrate the Pop King’s 85th birthday this August 6th. Here’s five ways to spend the day in style. 1. SEE ANDY’S RESTING PLACE IN REAL TIME: “I always thought I’d like my own tombstone to be blank. […]

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Andy Mirrorball

I’ll be your New York: it was Warhol’s city, the Loft Kid and his friends were just living in it. With a painter dad and a bohemian-socialite mom, living as A.I.R. in an illegal loft on West Broadway when he was born, in ’64, and with his own aspirations to be a painter or filmmaker, […]

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