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Andy Warhol in Minneapolis

In 1974, Andy Warhol arrived in Minneapolis with his reported entourage and empty luggages for a screening of his film L’Amore, a book signing and a gallery opening. Almost 40 years later, Christie’s took the Warhol show on the road to reunite Andy with Minneapolis at Aria.




“When Andy Warhol came to Minneapolis it was as if someone had picked up the entire New York art scene and, in the blink of an eye, transported it to Minneapolis. Minneapolis instantly became the center of the world.”   – Gordon Locksley


Christie’s is pleased to present Andy Warhol in Minneapolis, the first North American Private Sale Exhibition in our partnership with The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts. This unique initiative allows for the presentation of classic Warhol iconography – including flower drawings, self-portraits and Marilyn prints – within the framework of his connection to the Twin Cities and its notable residents. Warhol first came to Minneapolis in the early 1960s through his friendship with art dealers Gordon Locksley and George Shea, establishing his presence in the city throughout the decade and in 1972 landing a major commission to produce the Sunset prints series for the famed Hotel Marquette. The last show of Warhol’s work at Locksley and Shea’s Mount Curve Mansion Gallery in 1975 is recreated here. From these visits and shows, the artist established relationships with high-profile Midwesterners passionate about the arts, including the Weisman, Fiterman, and Cowles families.


Through his friendship with Richard Weisman, Warhol produced the Athlete Series portraits of leading sports figures of the day, including Jack Nicklaus, Rod Gilbert, and Dorothy Hamill. Key to his process in creating the series as well as for his portraits of socialites Warhol shot various poses of the sitter with his favorite camera, Polaroid’s Big Shot, then selected the ideal image from which to produce a silkscreen.  The Fitermans, Weismans and Cowles, among others, contributed greatly to the cultural and philanthropic communities of Minneapolis, elevating the city to national prominence. It is in that spirit that we proudly announce that proceeds of Andy Warhol at Christie’s sales benefit the grant-making initiatives of The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts.