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“If I’m not going to wear it then why would anyone else?” Tabitha Simmons muses in an interview last year with Elle. The English shoe designer and contributing editor at Vogue has been busy these past few months, even finding time to collaborate with Toms to create a signature design for the popular shoe-tailer . This willingness to play with high and low is why we love Simmons, and also why we think she and Andy would get along. Below are her thoughts on love, design, and who would be the new Edie.

What was your first Warholian moment, and when did you first encounter him?

I fell in love with him during my time at art college.

What are your latest cultural obsessions?

Cara Delevingne; she has that Edie Sedgwick look mixed with great style and a fun and mischievous personality, [and] the iPhone game app Candy Crush.

What would you consider Warhol’s most memorable quote or anthem?

“People should fall in love with there eyes closed.”

If you could collaborate with Andy on a project, what would it be? 

To design a shoe for my collection.

Dream night out on the town: you, Warhol, and…? 

Basquiat, Adam Ant in his 20s, Elizabeth Taylor & Richard Burton, Ryan Gosling.

Imagine Warhol had a Twitter account. What kind of thing might he say in 140 characters or less?

“So what?”

Whose portrait would Andy most want to do now? 


Soup can or coke bottle?

Coke bottle.

Drag every day or only on special occasions?

Special occasions.