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The Andy-Mat

Back in the 1960s, who would’ve guessed that of all the archetypal (white) cultural figures of the era, Andy Warhol was the one whose renown and influence would grow larger and last longer than anyone’s? His posthumous superstardom, a quarter century and counting, has now outlasted his time as a living celebrity. Maybe looking and […]

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The Look of Being Looked At

His famous line about being famous bored him. It was a throw-a-way that turned out to be a message in a bottle. Andy’s prediction/warning/fortune cookie for the future washed up on the shores of Facebook and the X-Factor, American Idol and Twitter. In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes. Tweet perfect. […]

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How tiresome – and rather quickly, too – the various “Life with” books written by Andy Warhol’s cohorts become when read one after another, memoirs numbering, now, in the tens or twenties, a cottage industry whose silver-foiled eaves shimmer with overexposure. The same story told many times over, written or spoken by theatrical-looking names: Ultra […]

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Andy Mirrorball

I’ll be your New York: it was Warhol’s city, the Loft Kid and his friends were just living in it. With a painter dad and a bohemian-socialite mom, living as A.I.R. in an illegal loft on West Broadway when he was born, in ’64, and with his own aspirations to be a painter or filmmaker, […]

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拍卖收益将用于拓展基金会的核心资助项目 Single Artist Live Auctions, Private Sales and Pioneering Online Auctions Will Give Collectors Worldwide the Opportunity to Purchase Original Works from the Warhol Foundation’s Collection “Everybody must have a fantasy.” – Andy Warhol NEW YORK, NY (SEPTEMBER 5, 2012) — The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts and Christie’s jointly announced today that […]

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