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Five Ways To Celebrate Warhol on His 85th Birthday

We’re obviously big fans of Andy Warhol here at Christie’s, and we wanted to share some things you can do to celebrate the Pop King’s 85th birthday this August 6th. Here’s five ways to spend the day in style. 1. SEE ANDY’S RESTING PLACE IN REAL TIME: “I always thought I’d like my own tombstone to be blank. […]

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OPENING RECEPTION Monday, June 24 5:00 pm Cocktails 6:30 pm “Collecting 101” – a panel discussion featuring Sabrina Buell, Art Advisor Sebastian Cwilich, President and COO of Artsy Ron Johnson, Vice President, Specialty Finance Group, Wells Fargo Marc Porter, Chairman, Christie’s Jessica Silverman, Owner and Director of Jessica Silverman Gallery COMPUTER HISTORY MUSEUM Hahn Auditorium […]

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Drag Performer Jackie Beat’s Wall of Warhols

Jackie Beat knows a good looking hunk of man flesh when she sees one. And as one of the world’s premiere drag artists (Roseanne Barr called her “the greatest”), she knows a thing or two about style and about pushing boundaries. Christie’s wanted her take on a collection of Warhol images being offered in an upcoming sale: […]

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11 Famous Male Nudes from Art History

From towering billboards showing David Beckham in his underwear, to that supercharged superbowl ad for Calvin Klein, pop culture seems to have remembered lately that it’s not just women’s bodies people want to see. But artists have always known this, and have celebrated the male nude since antiquity in ways both reverential and erotic, from Greek sculpture to contemporary photography. Art history has, of course, provided no shortage of female […]

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Portrait of an Artist:
Tour Jennifer Rubell’s Studio and See Her Revealing New Work

Jennifer Rubell’s studio sits on a quiet corner where Brooklyn neighborhoods Greenpoint and Williamsburg meet. Its industrial grates and white metal siding appear no different than the commercial warehouse exteriors. Inside, though, is an unexpected house of wares—even by Brooklyn standards. Rubell, who in 2010 created “The Icons,” a twenty-foot-tall piñata in the shape of […]

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5 Rules for Getting Into Studio 54: All Hail Halston and More

From Halston to helicopters, here are Andy’s guidelines for entrance, straight from his book, Andy Warhol’s Exposures. Warhol, who famously said Studio 54 was more high school than pagan Rome, knew the rules of the scene. “Every time I go to Studio 54 I’m afraid I won’t get in—maybe there will be somebody new at […]

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Happy 36th Anniversary Studio 54

In the late 1970s, crowds gathered nightly beneath a black laminate marquee in midtown Manhattan in hopes of being ushered through the throngs of Diana Ross enthusiasts and Hollywood hangers-on as some of the lucky, glossy, hard-partying few admitted into Studio 54, Steve Rubell and Ian Schrager’s beacon of disco and debauchery. And even though […]

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Show Us Your Studio

Some say Warhol invented celebrity. The indisputable truth: Andy’s star-studded shots of hot nights at Steve Rubell and Ian Schraeger’s cool West Side hang Studio 54 make it feel like the party’s still going. In its heyday, when topless bartenders, disco, and not a little illicit accelerant pushed the party to an alpine high, Calvin […]

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Carolina Herrera Traded This Accessory
for Her Warhol Portrait

One New York night in 1979, the then-budding fashion designer Carolina Herrera was making the scene at Studio 54 when her gold-mesh-and-diamond Van Cleef & Arpels minaudière (a bejeweled clutch) caught a certain artist’s eye. “Andy took it and played with it all night long,” she recalls. “When he returned it he said, ‘If you […]

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Andy Warhol in Minneapolis

In 1974, Andy Warhol arrived in Minneapolis with his reported entourage and empty luggaes for a screening of his film L’Amore, a book signing and a gallery opening. Almost 40 years later, Christie’s took the Warhol show on the road to reune Andy with Minneapolis at Aria (ARIA LINK:

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