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The Warholian Questionnaire:
Deborah Davis

In advance of our latest Warhol sale, Andy’s World, Deborah Davis reveals the similarities between Warhol and the portrait painter John Singer Sargent, as well as the athlete Warhol would most likely immortalize now, and the power of Andy’s fright wig. Davis is the author of Strapless: John Singer Sargent and the Fall of Madame X, which The Philadelphia Inquirer called,  “A […]


A Slideshow Tour of Andy’s World

“I don’t really feel all these people with me every day at The Factory are just hanging around me, I’m more hanging around them,” Andy Warhol said in a 1967 interview with Gretchen Berg in Cahiers du Cinema. In Andy’s World, our online-only sale which runs from March 13-25, we get an inside look at the […]


Andy Warhol’s Photographs Land at RISD


Warhol Questionnaire: Carmen D’Alessio

“I think that probably the most relevant experience that I have [had] in New York was the creation of Studio 54,” Carmen D’Alessio told us. Andy Warhol once wrote of the influential Peruvian club promoter: “Carmen has a list. Her list is worth a fortune. She has the names (spelled correctly), the addresses (summer, winter, […]



“If I’m not going to wear it then why would anyone else?” Tabitha Simmons muses in an interview last year with Elle. The English shoe designer and contributing editor at Vogue has been busy these past few months, even finding time to collaborate with Toms to create a signature design for the popular shoe-tailer . This […]

Past Sale

GUESS WHO? An All-Star Roundup of Warhol’s Fashion Icons

Andy Warhol was known for being a man about town, and the following photos prove it. In the early 1980s, the King of Pop Art snapped Polaroids of top fashion icons, from former Interview intern André Leon Talley to the dashing éminence grise, Giorgio Armani, along with the captivating shot of Caroline, Princess of Monaco below, […]


The Warhol Questionnaire: Ari Seth Cohen

Ari Seth Cohen, the founder of Advanced Style — the blog, book, and now a glorious coloring book  — gives us a glimpse into a world where clothes pop at any age. (We’re guessing Andy would approve of this message.) As Cohen writes on his blog, “Respect your elders and let these ladies and gents teach you a thing or […]

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